Apple CarPlay

Redesigning the CarPlay experience (concept)

The Problem

I am currently an Apple CarPlay user. Just like most people, I spend more time in my vehicle than I’d like to, therefore I interact with CarPlay on a regular basis. While using it, I keep note of ways that I could enhance the experience for myself and other users. These improvements include quick access to repeated actions, multitasking, a more visual experience in music apps, and many more


I find myself navigating through the CarPlay interface to do the same few tasks. With the ability to quickly access common actions, you avoid the hassle of digging through CarPlay and you spend less time with your eyes off the road.


Being able to access the local weather from Apple CarPlay would make it easier for drivers see this information without having to look on their phone.


Easily see layers of information on one screen. This allows users to see all activity such as GPS directions or music that is currently playing.

Split Screen

Split Screen allows users to monitor two tasks at once. This makes it possible to keep an eye on important activity like the next turn on your GPS without having to stay within the single app.

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Album Artwork

Being able to view the artwork of the song or album you’re listening to makes it that much more enjoyable. While the current interface includes the artwork, it is blurred, filtered and unrecognizable. The new music player maintains the style of the former but introduces a large, clear image of the album. I’ve also added the option to view all tracks on an album or in a playlist for easy access.

All Screens



Weather 1

Weather 2




Force Touch

Split Screen 1

Split Screen 2