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Bluemine is IBM's trusted digital source for fact-based insights about clients, competitors, and markets. Bluemine aggregates market intelligence and research from subscription-based services into one place, so users don't need subscriptions to each vendor's site. Our team undertook the application's first major redesign, overhauling its information architecture, design experience, interface language and technological infrastructure with an overarching goal: to create a simple but comprehensive community for consuming, monitoring, and sharing insights.


Between March and November 2017, the team conducted 7 rounds of research activities, including interviews, observations,  usability tests, and card sorting. A few select findings from early generative research include:

1. Search didn't always come back with relevant results; at times, reports dating back 5 years ago would appear in top results, going against user expectations

2. Finding market answers was time-consuming. Because of how search was structured, the IBMers would need to read through many reports to find a key nugget of information

3. The publishing process was also time-consuming, taking between 30 to 90 minutes to post work content that had already been done

User Flow

Prior to the redesign of Bluemine, the user flow had many dead ends in the experience. After many rounds of usability testing, we discovered the primary actions that our users tend to take. Our goal was to bring those actions to the forefront of the experience to help users accomplish their goals quickly.


Static hand-drawn sketches eventually evolved into mid fidelity wires in Sketch and Invision and later into hardcoded, clickable prototypes that users could interact with.

Bluemine Paper prototype
Bluemine Search High Fidelity
Bluemine Digital Prototype


We created a consistent UI and UX across every part of Bluemine to help our users intuitively navigate and successfully interact with different sections of our application.

Bluemine Components

High-Fidelity Wireframes

Bluemine helps users find content from external sources as well as proprietary insights from IBM Market Development & Insights (MD&I) and IBM competitive sales teams. Users can also find internal publications, analyst reports, and tools by MD&I and IBM competitive sales teams.

Wireframes shown here may vary slightly from final implemented platform.

Bluemine Homepage


Bluemine Search


Bluemine Report


Bluemine Channels



Help Center

Design Impact

Usability - Publishers

In legacy Bluemine, first-time publishers were unable to complete the task of publishing a report without asking a colleague for help. With the new tool, all publishers that took our usability test were able complete the task of publishing a report their first attempt without additional training or assistance.

Time Savings

In legacy Bluemine, publishers often spent between 30 to 90 minutes to fill out the publication form with pre-made content. Post-MVP interviews with IBM publishers found that the new publishing form can be filled out as quickly as 5-15 minutes with pre-made content.


• Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Annual 2019: The Year's 10 Best Intranets

• Step Two Intranet and Digital Workplace - Silver Award (2018)


• Nielsen Norman Group 10 Best Intranets of 2019

• Step Two Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards IBM: Redesigning a collection of market knowledge

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